Personalised Floral Cards

Our range of flower cards are available in an assortment of colours, and each has a special meaning.
Each card features a floral arrangement, which is handmade from polymer clay.
Choose a card, add your free personal message and let your loved one know how special they are.

Create Your Own Flower Card

Can’t find the colour you’re looking for? Create your own flower card at Margieblooms All you need to do is choose your flower and background. We do the rest! Choosing your card means you can combine a loved one's favourite colours, which make it a special gift.

Miniature Florals

Our miniature floral arrangements are a unique gift, guaranteed to surprise someone special.
Better still this loving gesture will last a lifetime. Margiebloom’s flowers
are lovingly sculpted from polymer clay.
They look real but last forever and are perfect for a life long gift.


We all have thoughts, and writing about them can help us process events in our lives. Journals are still as popular as ever, despite the technology we have now.

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Make Happy Memories Last Forever With Our Special Keepsakes
Our handmade flower cards are a unique gift for someone special in your life.
Each is 100% handmade, upon each order and we have a range of colours.
We all have a favourite colour, but each has a different meaning.
Ever looked at the colour red and felt energised?
How about the thought-provoking purple?
Margieblooms design each of our cards to have a special meaning.
Flowers are special gifts, and our cards are perfect for a range
Don't forget your free personalised message  

There’s nothing quite like opening your journal and putting pen to paper, which is why Margiebloom’s has a collection of handmade journals.