Funky animal blue print


Our journals are ideal for making memories that will last a lifetime and are a wonderful thing to pass down to family members. We have a range of designs, suitable for all tastes so feel free to look at each of our journals.

Each journal is hand bound with waxed cotton and has small pockets. Write your thoughts and memories on 180 pages of high-quality A5 card. We understand that you want each gift to be special, which is why we make sure each journal is handmade to perfection. Each journal comes with large tags, which are useful for remembering important information and a paperback cover.


  • Paper back cover
  • 120-300gsm ( card thickness)
  • Hand bound with waxed cotton
  • Tied with ribbon
  • Good quality assorted colour card vary in texture
  • Size A5
  •  A5 card some half size and some smaller pages
  • Approx 90 sheets or 180 pages
  • Small pockets inside journal
  • Large tags
  • Doesn’t lay flat
  • No planner