Made With Our Hands, Sent From Your Heart

Personalised Floral Cards & Gifts

Margiebloom’s offers special handmade gifts . We understand how important it is to wow someone with a thoughtful present, yet it’s getting harder to do. There are many card companies around, but we’ve created something unique, original and breath-taking.

Handmade flower cards are Margiebloom’s specialty, and we take time on each of our creations. Each flower is 100% handmade and lovingly crafted with polymer clay and comes with a tasteful glass vase. Our range of colours is based on symbolism, meaning and our commitment to promote happiness upon receipt of a Margiebloom’s gift.

Margiebloom’s combines creativity with homemade quality to make an extra special gift for someone you love. Our range is ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, valentines and other special occasions. Sign up to our mailing list to receive information on our latest products.

We also make handmade journals and memory boxes which are the perfect accompaniment to our flower cards. Enjoy free delivery on all purchases and add a special message for free. You can browse the website, or send us a message if you’d like more information about our products.